A Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing the ACCA Course in India

ACCA is an excellent way to establish a rewarding career in finance and accounts. Whether you are pursuing graduation or even if you are an accounting professional looking for bright career opportunities in the field of wealth management & finance, the ACCA qualification is ideal for your growth and success. Here, find more about the ACCA institutes in India and ACCA course details.

ACCA Course Details-What You Need to Know?

The ACCA course is a globally recognized course with a well-designed and updated curriculum. Candidates who pursue ACCA are fully capable of performing strategic roles & responsibilities at senior levels. In order to pursue the course, you will have to spend around two to three years of your time, which can be easily managed along with a full-time job or other degree courses. The course is recognized in over 180 nations around the globe. After completing the course, candidates can easily find jobs in various sectors such as banking, wealth management, fund management etc. In fact, reputed accounting companies such as PWC, Deloitte and KPMG are always on the lookout for candidates who have successfully acquired the ACCA certification.

As far as the ACCA course syllabus is concerned, it consists of around 13 subjects. But, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Institute does offer exemption in certain exams based on the candidate’s prior qualification. To be able to pursue the course, a candidate must have at least 36 months of working experience. He/she can acquire this experience during, after or before fulfilling the qualification. The candidate must also duly complete Ethics as well as Professional Skills learning module.

The 13 exams are categorized into 3 distinct levels viz. knowledge, skills and professional. While, the knowledge level examination has three courses such as business accounting, management accounting and financial accounting, the professional level course has multiple courses including strategic business leader and strategic business reporting that are essential and other exams such as Advanced Financial Management, Advanced Performance Management, Advanced Taxation and Advanced Audit and Assurance are optional.

The ACCA Course Fee in India

The ACCA course fee in India is approximately Rs 135,440 in India. However, this does not consist of the tuition fee as well as the fee paid for acquiring the study material. When included, the total amount would come to Rs. 415,440.

ACCA Institutes in India

When it comes to pursuing the ACCA course, it is crucial that you search for reputed and trusted ACCA Institutes in India. There are numerous colleges and institutes in the country that offer the ACCA course such as the D.C. School of Management and Technology, Financial Planning Academy, Indian School of Business Management and Administration and Indian School of Commerce among others.

Candidates who acquire the ACCA certification find jobs as accountants, forensic accountant, internal auditor, business adviser, credit control manager, tax accountant, financial analyst and funds manager.

To sum up, the ACCA course is a great way to acquire technical knowledge in finance and accounting. The course helps businesses to gain prominent skills in strategic and organizational management, which further allows them to grow and excel in their respective careers and job roles.