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A few tips for English language exam preparation

The IELTS English Examination (International English Language Testing System) is the most commonly used English test in the world. There are two sections in IELTS preparation Vancouver: General and Academic Training including four papers of each: Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading. The Academic module is used as an entrance exam for boarding college, school and university admission globally. It is used by managers and the government in Hong Kong for job application screening. The general training sections are used most probably for the immigration process. Both are created to check the actual English skills that will be used by the candidate in real-life situations and hence the exam tasks reflect this. In the Academic section Writing paper 1 tests the capacity to describe graphical data – a skill that will be required for the successful completion of many university courses. In contradiction, the General Training module experiments the letter-writing skills of the candidate. Here are a few tips for English language exam preparation tips:

  1. Know the Specific Exam topics: Ask the tutor what grammar/structure will be tested. Know what key vocabulary and speech are included in the test content area. Ensure that to ask about specific functions or exam sections to be included. Get all the required information you can. Remember, the tutor wants you to get a good score in the exam. Because it makes the tutor as well as you look great.
  2. Ask for and attend the lectures: Check if there is a regular schedule of lectures. If there isn’t, request them to schedule each week before the exam. Prepare your questions on subjective areas and aspects you feel week in don’t understand entirely. Also attend the lectures regularly for English language exam preparation, open study sessions or monitored learning resource centers with an attendant tutor.
  3. Prepare tutorial sheets: The areas or topics in which you are a bit weak, you should prepare tutorial sheets for English language exam preparation. By doing this you can get well prepared for the examination and score good grades.
  4. Initiate a regular study/review schedule: Begin with getting an associate to join or form a study and practice group with you for regular meetings. The extra support will assist you to keep you on track. Have small but frequent study breaks instead of fewer and longer ones. Use any or all the study methods as per your convenience.
  5. Relax, rest and de-stress: If you have prepared well, studied everything and revised it, you don’t need to do anything extra. Just relax and rest for some-time. Don’t stress yourself much, keep calm and don’t worry much. The skills and material are very well stored in your brain. Pressuring your brain and preparing too much is not going to help, instead, you may forget a few topics in that process. The day before the exam take some time to relax, you can also do some activities which can help de-stress yourself.

These are a few crucial tips that will help you while preparing for IELTS exams. You should know specific exam topics and prepare them well. Ensure that you attend all the lectures and prepare tutorial sheets. Revise the topics you studied thoroughly and relax on the day before the exam to de-stress yourself.  To know more about English language exam preparations, follow us on Google Maps and Binged.