Get the required knowledge and skills

Most of the people in life are looking out for a job to get some money every month. They might not even like the work which they do but yet they sacrifice and work for their family. There are some people who pursue their passion and work towards their goals. This is the same thing in the case of security personnel. This is not just a normal job. It mainly requires patience, strength both mentally and physically, and most importantly the interest and need to do this kind of job. There are several institutions that provide training for people to join the forces. Pacific West Academy is one such institute which is focussed on providing the knowledge and improving the skills of the people who are interested in this field. This was created in the year 2012 and since then they have seen various groups of people who are now a successful personal protection agent. Their courses help people to land in the best job with full satisfaction. It also provides them with bodyguard certification which will, in turn, give them more confidence in the future.

About the training programs:

Their training is mainly aimed at giving the minute details about the course and what it is about. Normally, they have two kinds of programs for each people;

  • 12-day comprehensive security training: This is only for those who are extremely new to the security field. The people will be given with all the schedule and information about the fundamental concepts with neatly described sessions. There are also practical exercises which are given to the people so that they can gain actual job requirements.
  • 33-day certified executive security specialist: These are for the people who wish to enter into the private security field. They will be given an expert bodyguard certification at the end of the course.

During the training, people will be learning:

    • Observational threat assessment.
    • Firearms operation.
    • Hand-to-hand combat.
  • Taser training.
  • Situational awareness.

All these can be experienced by both the new-entrants and people having experience in the armed forces. This training is also mainly given to those who will be able to manage any kind of situation. They will be mostly handling VIPs, Celebrities, Politicians, and many others. The instructors who will be with the students throughout the journey are highly experienced and experts in the particular field and industry. They have more experience in handling students with practical exposure. For this program, any person can enroll their name using the website. There is no particular need to apply except for the interest in this field. Visit the website to know all about the process and the schedule which they follow for the protection program.