Highest Paying Jobs in India

Highest Paying Jobs in India

After you have a couple of years’ experience in the field that you’re working in, you start thinking about growth and how to climb as much as possible. Mainly because with growth comes increments that might help you alter your personal life the way you see fit. Not only that, but other companies will start recognizing your work and might approach you with better roles and offers. Let’s look at few of the top paying jobs in India. You can even start looking towards these career options once the Sarkari results are out.

Chartered Accountants

Management Professionals:
A management professional’s task is to manage or supervise a particular task for a company. Their skills in managing the given tasks could make or break the company. They are the ones responsible for getting more and more work to the company, which directly affects the company’s revenue and income. This is why the most experienced management professionals earn around 80 lakhs per annum.

Investment Bankers:
There’s a reason why an investment banker is called the “money man”. Their only role is to raise the capital of the company or sectors they are working for. Their skillset allows them to handle all the complicated transactions with little to no effort, which, otherwise, could prove challenging to the company. Investment bankers earn up to 50 lakhs a year.

Chartered Accountants:
One of the most respected jobs in India. Chartered accountants are mostly involved in all kinds of financial engagements for a company, including taxation and auditing. The reason it’s so well respected is due to the competitive nature of the examination. On an average, only 16% of the attendants pass the exam every six months. Chartered accountants can earn close to 26 lakhs per annum.

Business Analysts:
With the ever-growing competition in the business world, there are a lot of unique business models that have emerged in the recent years. Having a good business model is very crucial as it’s supposed to keep the customers happy as well as make enough profit. Some companies tend to fail in managing both properly and end up being either very greedy or the company shutting down without enough profit. A business analyst analyzes the trend and the global economic value and makes sure the company always stays up to date and ahead of its competitors. A business analyst earns up to 5.8 lakhs per annum.

Medical Professionals:
This is an obvious one on the list. We’re always in need of medical professionals no matter where we go. There’s nothing like “too many doctors”. Their salaries range from 6 lakhs to 18 lakhs per annum depending on where they’re working and what theirSpecialization is.

Considering the risks and responsibilities involved in flying a plane that’s carrying hundreds of passengers several thousand feet off the ground, it’s only fair that the pilots get paid a decent amount of salary. A commercial pilot can earn up to 20 lakhs per annum.

These are some of the highest paying jobs in India. You can figure out what you’re most interested in and start aiming for the top spot. Please visit online for more information on the highest paying jobs, Sarkari result and govt jobs 2018.