Get the Interviewers Interested In You

How to Compose a Winsome Thank You Email

The job interview process can be a stressful one and can take quite a lot from you.  Preparing for a job interview is not easy at all since you will have to go through a lot of stress and widen your scope of learning. The stress, however, does not end after the interview; you will still need to do one or two things to further improve your chance of getting that particular job.  One thing you must never forget to do is sending the recruiter an email to thank the company for giving you the opportunity to express yourself at the interview. This is mostly done after the second interview.

Build a network

Sending a thank you email after the interview can help give the employer a very good impression about you. The employer will see you as the right kind of candidate for the job opening and this will place you several steps ahead of other applicants.  It is possible that many other applicants do not even know or consider the importance of sending a thank you email after the second interview and this means you will have a far better chance than them of getting that job. You should, therefore, not fail to take this opportunity as you have a lot to benefit from it.

Get the Interviewers Interested In You

Aside from brightening your chance of getting the job, the thank you email will also help you to build great network. If, for example, the interviewee has decided to give the job to another candidate, the thank you email you send after the interview can increase your rating on their minds. As a result, the company will consider you if another job opening comes up in the future, provided you also have the skills and knowledge required in the right candidate for that job opening.  The employer may even refer you to friends and other business associates even if he does not have any job he can offer you.  You, therefore, have a lot to gain when you send a thank you email to the interviewer after the interview.

How to compose the thank you email

Make sure you include the subject line so that the recipient can understand why you are sending the email. If not, your email may go unread.  You should avoid colloquial language used on daily basis when writing the greeting aspect of the email. You should always start the body of the letter with a thank you message. If the interviewers are many, there is nothing bad in including the names of each of them in the letter.  This will confer an air of personalization on the email.  You can also use the medium to affirm your suitability and interest in the job opening.