How to create an online course outline

In this blog, you are going to be learning how to create online course outline that converts like crazy.

But, before that, let’s address the burning question, where do I host my online course content?

Spayee is Indian Course Creators’ favourite free online course platform to sell courses. Though the free plan has its own limitations, it’s actually quite a great place to begin. It involves zero cost and gives enough resources to accelerate things for you.

This is a one-stop solution, extremely easy to navigate. Especially for complete beginners with zero technical knowledge. Not just that, after creating the course outline, you can customize a course website that matches your existing brand.

Now that you know where to host your content, let’s begin.

If you are reading this, chances are your online course topic is finalised & you have done proper online course research.

Once your knowledge is organized, you now need to figure out how you want to deliver that knowledge. Outlining an online course content is more like structuring it.

Simple steps to create an online course outline:

  1. Identifying the primary learning outcomes
  2. Listing the required skills to achieve those primary learning outcomes
  3. Skill checklist in order to create course modules
  4. Set online learning goals

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Identify the Primary Learning Outcome

Ask yourself, “When the course ends, what would my students learn?” Define it in terms of skills acquired or money made or targets achieved. Quantify it. Make it count. And make sure, by all means, the learners achieve it.

This would not only help you but your students as well. For you, it’ll help in organizing your course material. On the other hand, it’ll give learners a concrete goal to work on, instead of just flailing around with newfound information.

Create a Skill Checklist

Start by identifying what skills are the most crucial ones for your students. If your learning outcome is yet to be decided, continue by asking yourself a few questions:

Create a checklist. A checklist which covers the required skills & knowledge & competencies which your learners will learn by the end of the course.

Use the Skill Checklist to Create Course Modules

Now that your skill checklist is ready, you must create your course content which desires to achieve those goals for learners.

Continue by grouping closely related skills in the checklist together, as this will enable you to create more effective modules within your course. Also, try to avoid bloating your course with more content than is necessary. When compiling the checklist, keep asking yourself which skills are truly necessary for achieving the desired learning outcome.

Rearrange the checklist while keeping the basic skills right in the very beginning. Keep the advanced skills to be used towards the end. Group the related skills together. Your course must step towards an end goal which would the final learning outcome.

Once you complete this step, a basic modular outline would be ready for you.

Set Learning Goals for Your Course Modules

As your online course will have various modules, you need to assign specific learning goals to each one of them.

Divide the whole course into various sections that transform the student in some way. Not all transformations will be massive. Some of them will be inevitably smaller. But, that’s nothing to be worried about. A new transformation, even a smaller one would feed the students’ desire to continue the course.

Bonus Tip

If you are still unsure about the course outline, try asking the following questions:

  • What would underpin your subject?
  • What introductory lesson would shape the rest of the course?
  • How do you plan to follow up from there?
  • Where would you end your course?

While creating your course outline, make sure you don’t make them too lengthy or too short. Keep the duration in check & you are good to go.