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PLAY Preschool – Teaching Math to Preschoolers With Simple Strategies

Do you want your child to be good at Math? However, teaching the subject to a preschooler might be very challenging to some. Experienced teachers say that parents should not worry when it comes to teaching Math to a preschooler. In fact, it is simple. You just have to go beyond the regular practice of pen and paper to make the subject interesting for your child and yourself as well. Now, the question is, how?

PLAY Preschool – Expert tips from experienced teachers

PLAY Preschool is a leading academic institution for preschoolers in the USA. The teachers here are widely respected for their innovative teaching methods and compassion towards small children. The teachers here say that though Math is taught in classrooms, kids need to practice at home. It all begins with numbers, and the following are some simple strategies that parents can embrace when it comes to teaching their little one’s Math-

Begin with counting- The subject starts with your kid getting introduced to numbers. This is where you can help your child. Teach them how to count from one to ten. However, do not rely on any one method for all your kids. Evaluate what your kid responds to. As what might work well for one kid might not work for another. Play with different counting strategies so that your child can memorize them and pick them up fast.

PLAY Preschool

Make use of daily objects

Use simple daily objects to teach your kid. Anything from money, books, trees, cars, buttons, etc. can be used to count. Math becomes simple if you use objects that you can see. They will help you to add, minus, and multiply. Gradually you can teach division to your child with physical objects as well. A great and effective counting lesson is counting apples, oranges, and other fruits. This strategy works quite well for young children.

Play Math games

Several educational toys help children learn Math. They are in the form of games. You can buy them for your child and together enjoy the learning process. Practice makes your child perfect. Make sure that you buy educational toys that teach Math to your child as per his or her age. In this way, both of you can play and learn together daily at the same time.

Invest in a good Abacus

Yes, little children love Abacus, and they are fond of sliding the bright beads from one end to another. With the help of an Abacus, little children can learn how to solve problems. However, you should be aware of what colored bead represents which number.

The teachers at PLAY Preschool say the above are just some simple strategies for you to embrace when it comes to teaching your little one Math. They are much more enjoyable and exciting than pen and paper. Moreover, your child is able to remember them better and, over time, is able to develop problem-solving skills without hassles at all. In this way, your child will enjoy the subject and go on to be good at it too!