Popular Integrated MBA Programmes in India

Is pursuing anMBA integrated course a better idea than doing a regular MBA? We discuss this idea in this article.

Undoubtedly, an MBA is among the most popular degrees to pursue after graduation. It is almost unthinkable to kickstart a career in the corporate world without an MBA in your kitty. But there is another ‘new kid on the block’, the Integrated MBA course.

In this scheme of things, what role does an MBA integrated course play? How is it different from a regular MBA degree? And are integrated courses in India worth pursuing?

These are probably some of the questions in your mind if you are sure about studying for an MBA degree in the future and among other things contemplating an MBA integrated course as well. Is there merit in choosing an MBA integrated course immediately after Class XII over a regular two-year MBA programme after graduation?

How does Integrated MBA differ from a regular MBA?

An MBA prepares you to meet the challenges of the demanding corporate sector. You are trained in the various aspects of business management across several disciplines like marketing, finance, HR etc. and your skills are accordingly shaped to handle the demands of a business.

    • In the current scenario with a booming start-up culture, an MBA helps you develop entrepreneurial skills.
    • Meanwhile, you have the option of embarking on the journey for an MBA degree immediately after your Class XII, by taking up an Integrated MBA course. You don’t have to wait till your graduation, prepare for yet another entrance test, and pick up some work experience before putting in the two mandatory years of MBA studies. This is the single biggest advantage if you opt for an MBA integrated course.
  • If you are certain you wish to build your career in business management, you can start immediately after your 10 + 2 with a BBA MBA integrated course. This 5-year programme is fast becoming a popular option among the integrated courses in India.
  • As a student pursuing an MBA integrated course, you appear for an entrance exam once after Class XII and begin your BBA studies in an institute of your choice. At the end of the three years when you earn your BBA degree, you immediately move on with your MBA studies.
  • This way, there is no gap between your graduation and post-graduation degree. Once you are well-versed in the basics of business management that you will be trained for during the three years of BBA, you can further hone your skills immediately thereafter with an MBA integrated course. You do not have to repeat many core subjects that you would otherwise do with a regular MBA.

Also, with an MBA integrated course, you get a lot more time to decide on a specialisation, which might not be the case with a regular MBA programme. Little wonder why it is a popular choice among integrated courses in India