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Student Illnesses

It is common knowledge that university admission is a fundamental key in order to succeed in life. Furthermore, university years are an essential step to becoming responsible but also independent by pursuing what you love and what you want to do. However, and thanks to the various exams and deadlines that each student needs to meet, university can be a unique yet challenging adventure.This is exactly why 25% of all students are said to suffer from a diagnosable illness. Therefore, and according to essay writing services UK, this article provides a list of the five most common student-related diseases.

  • Depression

    Depression is the most common mental health disorder in Britain and it should not be confused with sadness or stress. This mental illness is the most common reason for students dropping out of universities because they feel desperate, powerless and helpless, often as a result of the vastly accumulated pressure for success. Assignment writers have seen so many students on the verge of a mental breakdown and this is exactly why we are here to help you by taking some of that pressure off.

  • Eating disorders

    University is a time for a complete change, yet it is sometimes this change that triggers the development of eating disorders. Anorexia is an extremely common eating disorder that is characterised by an irrational fear of gaining weight, whereas bulimia involves the ingestion of irrational quantities of food, usually in very short periods of time. In fact, and as experienced by assignment writers, the manifestation of such illnesses can be highly connected to the pressure that students tend to feel throughout their university years: the more pressure you have the less – or more – food you feel like eating.

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  • Anxiety

    Anxiety is another prominent student related illness that can practically interfere with the optimal function of students at their universities. Anxiety is a principal factor when it comes toexhibiting low attendance rates in classrooms and to receiving low grades, despite the fact that the student has studied very hard. Essay writing services have noticed that anxiety can lead to a profound loss of concentration that can make students feel like they have a blank mind.

  • Addiction

    Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a gateway for students that cannot cope with university pressure. Addiction is a psychological and psychosomatic dependency that forces individuals to continue drinking or taking drugs despite the manifestation of evident and serious addiction-related complications. Essay writing and meeting deadlines can sometimes instigate a profound amount of pressure on students and although not all individuals have a tendency towards addiction, the accumulated pressure can lead to the development of such habits.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    This mental illness typically involves the precise repetition of thoughts, actions or feelings without any control, whatsoever. Students with OCD can exhibit irrational behaviours from making inappropriate thoughts for a classroom to being obsessed regarding their own hygiene. However, the rule of thumb is that OCD is bound to make learning difficult, and hence it is a primary reason for students missing deadlines and lacking concentration during essay writing, that collectively leadsto them receiving low grades.

University assignment services are here to lend you a hand, ease the pressure and diminish the impact these illnesses can have on your academic work, particularly with regards to meeting deadlines. Writing coursework and delivering assignments of impeccable quality is our mission and our principal goal and all our professional assignment writers are here to help you.  If you feel as if you are suffering from any of the above, it’s important to speak to someone, and preferably seek help from a medical professional. Most importantly, you should always remember; you are not alone.