The Best University Accommodation in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is best-known as the Waterfront City. It has a number of elegant old-style naval colleges, universities, history and the iconic Spinnaker Tower. Situated on the south coast of England, and with superb rail links into London, this city on the water offers a great deal for students and graduates alike.

Portsmouth is steeped in maritime history and you will notice this as you tour around this vibrant and historical setting. The city is a place where some 22,000 students live, study and socialize. There is plenty to do here, including a number of large shopping centres, night clubs, uni-bars, restaurants and boutiques to keep the young occupied.

But every student that comes here must find decent and habitable accommodation. The best thing about living in Portsmouth as a graduate is the sheer availability of student dormitories in the city’s heart.

At Uni Life you can discover the best accommodation for students in Portsmouth. Stylish studio apartments with a self-contained room offer a chance to relax, study and socialize. The beds are comfortable, the dorms are safe, environment peaceful and there are plenty of storage spaces for students to put clothing, cycles, personal effects and any other valuables away.

Billing is simple and straightforward too. There is a weekly rent fee and it will cover just about everything in the studio apartment:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Contents Insurance
  • Television Licence

Once a student has paid the weekly rent, there are no more surprises as far as the billing is concerned. The three locations where you can find the best university accommodation in Portsmouth are at:

  • James’s Street
  • Earlsdon Street
  • Middle Street

All the accommodation blocks are within a three minute walk of campus. The main shopping centre in Portsmouth is just a 10-minute walk from the stylish studios with easy access to a number of bars, restaurants and night clubs – there should be no need to even take a bus.

There are a small number of double studio apartments available, for those wanting to share the cost with another graduate. Prices range from as little as £190 per week, and this includes just about everything a student could possibly want. Only food, drink and travel fares need to be sought beyond the weekly accommodation bill.

There are a number of luxury and VIP studios within all the buildings, and these are still reasonably priced at around £250 to £380 per week, with ideal accommodation needs provided for couples too.