Tips for Choosing A Notebook in Primary

In this blog, we offer you some tips to choose a notebook from a didactic and pedagogical approach. Many teachers and also families wonder which notebook is better to write in Primary? Is it more advantageous to write in squares or are the two lines preferable? Is the folio size or the page size better? All these issues are addressed in this post related to notebook in Singapore.

To address the issue, we will analyze the three pedagogical variables of a notebook: the size, the type of binding, and the pattern of the sheets. Based on this analysis, some tips are offered for choosing a notebook in the different Primary grades.

Tips for choosing a notebook What does pedagogy tell us?

We are starting the school year and it is time to buy the notebooks for class. The type of notebook and the pattern of the sheets is an important question that should not be left to matters of personal taste or customs. In the notebooks, three “didactic” variables have their influence.

The size of the notebook

It is the first variable; There are folio or A4 size and A5 or page size.


The second variable is the type of binding. Generally, there are three types of binding: stapled sheets, spiral worms, and rings that make it possible to extract the sheets of paper.

Leaf pattern

The third variable, the most decisive, is the pattern used in the leaves. The three most frequent are the squares, the two lines, and the single line. Although there are other guidelines such as that of larger or smaller squares, the Montessori guideline, etc.

What does pedagogy tell us about this topic?

In many cases, the choice of the notebook Singapore is a matter of personal tastes or preferences of the teacher. It is true that in many cases they know how to argue why they demand some in favor of others. But the notebook in which children write has its relevance, especially in those who have difficulty writing or organizing in the space of the sheet of paper.

About the size of the notebook

Continuing with our advice on choosing a notebook, we address the second variable: size. For children from 1 to 3 years of Primary (6 to 8 years), the size of sheet or A5 is the most manageable: it is a smaller graphic space than the sheet and is better suited to the types of tasks required.

The folio or A4 size begins to be used from the 4th year of Primary (9 years) where the ability to master the graphic space is greater and the content of the tasks is expanded.

A line

The one-line sheet seems the best choice, within the advice for choosing a notebook. On the one hand, it only marks a reference to follow the writing, it is not suffocating for children. It also allows for different sizes of letters.

It is convenient to choose notebooks in which the separation of the lines is 1 cm or as close as possible.

Final Words

These are the tips for choosing a notebook in Primary that we offer you. We have presented the different variables that make up a notebook, from the didactic point of view, the pros and cons of each one, and some final tips for choosing a notebook in Primary.