Tips on Making Your Lecture More Engaging

Tips on Making Your Lecture More Engaging

If you are seeing your students staring blankly in space or looks disinterested while doing your lecture, then, it’s time to make necessary some adjustments. Remember that without your students paying attention, they’ll not be able to connect with you and absorb the information you are providing them.

As an educator, one of your responsibilities is creating interactive learnings spaces that will keep your students interested and engaged in learning. Here are some ways to have more engaging and fun lessons:

Do Ice-Breakers

There are times when you need to have your students loosen up and feel at ease. You may do ice breakers that can give your students a chance to socialize and talk to each other which will serve as a good foundation for future interactions.

You can do activities such as card games, word searches or mystery challenges that are related to your material. These ice-breakers create a stimulating environment where everyone participates while getting a good head start for your daily lesson.

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Encourage Conversation

It’s hard to pay attention and learn when someone is doing all of the talking. If you lecture too much with your students, they’ll get bored and lose focus – sending all your words down the drain. Create an environment where your students can speak and share their insights. Promote role plays, have debates or do reciprocal teaching where they get the chance to discuss the topic themselves and learn from each other.

Utilize Emotion

When a specific event triggers emotion, it is more likely to be remembered by an individual – the same goes to teaching.

Try to connect your lessons to the daily experience and emotional lives of your students. For instance, you can discuss climate change and show concrete examples of relevant it is to their lives. This method will strike them better and provide them a greater understanding of what they need to learn.

Go Outside

Some things are better learned through experience. If you are teaching a topic that is available outdoors, go ahead and have them see it firsthand rather than just displaying them through books or photos. Your students will also appreciate going outside the usual four walls of the classroom and having this activity once in a while will surely have them engaged.

Make them Move

Sitting all day long in your chair is a tedious task, and this makes your students feel grumpy, bored or distracted. Let them do activities that will require physical motion.

Have them do group activities and place them in different areas around the room. They’ll be able to stand up and interact with other members. Studies say that people learn better when their body is active.

Get Advice from Experts

If you have issues in teaching that seems more complicated than usual, don’t worry as you can always consult specialists with experience in wireless presentation solutions. They are the best individuals that can provide you scientific and cognitive approaches in creating interactive learnings spaces  for your students.


Don’t let yourself be a boring teacher. Stimulate your students’ interest through the listed engaging methods and activities to maximize your students’ learning ability and unleash their real potential.