What Great Teachers Do Differently: 5 Traits That Set Them Apart

What Great Teachers Do Differently: 5 Traits That Set Them Apart

From Yoda to Dumbledore, examples of great teachers are easy to find in fiction. But what about in the real world? What makes a good teacher?

Read on to learn what great teachers do differently with these 5 key traits.

1. Command of Content

There is a difference between a good performer or orator and a good teacher. Research shows that the best teachers have a strong command of content, regardless of the ages or expertise of their students.

Excellent teachers spend as much time preparing for their class as they do standing at the front of it.

Likewise, their methods are clear and effective and suited to their students.

2. Fair Management Style

Another trait that sets the best teachers apart is their management of the classroom.

When respect and fairness are the foundation of a classroom, there are few if any behavioral problems.

Students have a clear, shared understanding of acceptable and appropriate behavior. Teacher success often comes down to consistency and fairness.

If you want to be a better teacher, learn to control your temper. Always react with respect and fairness.

3. The Best Teachers Catch Students Being Good

It’s common for teachers to police their students. No running, listen, don’t talk, put that down, eyes up here, hands to yourself.

There might be dozens of negative interactions between a teacher and each student every single day.

One way to learn how to be a better teacher is to catch students doing what’s right. Especially those students who aren’t model students. They need positive reinforcement more than most.

It definitely takes more effort. It can be a stretch to find students doing what you like. But the best teachers know that this motivates students much better than getting in trouble.

4. Maintain High Expectations

The best teachers have high expectations for all their students. Very often, students rise to their teacher’s expectations.

A good teacher should set clear, firm expectations for what success will look like for each student. Low or unattainable expectations won’t be helpful for students.

Students should be able to meet your expectations such as bringing school forms in on time and contributing to classroom discussion. They can only do that if they understand what those expectations are.

The best teachers spend time helping their students know what you expect them to do in terms of goal setting, independent and group work and participation.

5. Engage Students

Finally, possibly the most important key characteristics in great teachers is their engaging teaching style.

Engaging students is what great teachers do differently. The best teachers know their students. They understand what they need to do to engage their interest and participation.

As we know, when students are engaged they succeed. Plus, they retain more information and make more connections to other knowledge they already have.

Teachers can use many activities and methodologies to help students learn the material. This way, they keep the energy positive and excited in the classroom as students engage with the material.

Final Word on What Great Teachers do Differently

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has helped you understand what great teachers do differently.

Remember, you may only have students for a year, but you will impact those students forever.

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