Why Are There So Many Half-Baked Diploma and Degree Holders

Why Are There So Many Half-Baked Diploma and Degree Holders

Thousands of students graduate with diploma and degree certificates every year all over the world. The increased percentage in the number of graduates is mostly triggered by the rise in e-learning. More people pursue their diploma and degree certificates online. The increase in the number of graduates is good since education is the key to better living. Unfortunately, as more people are graduating daily, the number of half-baked graduates has increased. We no longer get 95% or more fully qualified graduates as it used to be previously. Let’s look at the key factors leading to the increase in half-baked graduates.

Limited Academic Hours

The majority of the training sessions offered online and even offline don’t stick to the scheduled learning hours. While all colleges and universities have strict teaching schedules, not many instructors stick to such schedules. Students have as well become very relaxant and most of them aren’t careful about time management. This makes it almost impossible for the students to get the quality of education they deserve to get.

Poor Leaning Facilities

The lack of quality and sufficient facilities has also greatly contributed to the rise of half-baked graduates. Quality facilities are ideal for proper teaching. Facilities like science laboratories, computer laboratories, and quality IT systems are ideal for proper training. The problem with most online and offline colleges is that they don’t have these facilities. And as you know if students aren’t instilled with the right skills, they are less likely to perform when employed.

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Fewer Practical Classes

Most universities stress on teaching the theoretical parts of most subjects. They don’t put much emphasis on the practical part. This is one of the reasons most of the students graduating every year lack the skills and knowledge needed in the job market.  The job market requires performers who can do well in both the practical and theory part.

Admission of Unqualified Students

Corruption is not so much rampant in developed countries as it is in underdeveloped countries. However, we cannot conclude that developed countries have recorded zero corruption rates. There tons of corruptions happenings that have been recorded previously in most countries. Most of these instances involve parents paying college managers money for them to admit their unqualified kids. As more unqualified kids are being admitted in the universities, the rise of fake degree holders has increased. In fewer words, this has led to an increase in the number of students who graduate yearly lacking the skills and talents required by employers.

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