3 Diploma Courses You Need For Jobs in Australia

If you want to start a career in the country, you might want to start checking out a possible list of diploma courses in Australia. Doing so will give you an idea about what jobs are in demand in the country and what they are good at. These courses are also in demand in many parts of the world, and studying these in Australia might be the best choice for you.


It is one of the many occupations that will always have a high demand in Australia. Nurses, there are always overworked because the number of professionals is scarce. Work visas are also easily granted to anyone who wishes to enter the country and get a job as a qualified nurse. Some of the many nursing professions offered in Australia are nurse practitioner, surgical nurse, and aged care nurse.

The two main nursing courses offered in the country are the 1.5 years and a four-year program. The 1.5-year program will give you a diploma in nursing and provides a pathway to becoming a registered nurse. On the other hand, the 4-year program is a course that students take to become a registered nurse.


Engineering professionals are still in high demand in the country despite the end of the mining boom. Licensed engineers earn high salaries in Australia. There is also a demand in many of its types such as the mechanical, civil, electrical, and structural among many others.

Becoming a qualified engineer in the country will need you to complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering. This is usually offered in most Australian universities and will take four years to complete. However, it might cost you as high as $20,000 annually. On the bright side, you can also opt to become a Civil Engineering Draftsperson by completing a two year Associate Degree.


Much like nursing, carpentry also has a high demand in Australia. With the recent developments in the country, students can now enter universities without much problem. This causes the number of interested carpentry students to dwindle over time, resulting in a shortage of qualified carpenters. You should consider a career in carpentry because it has higher pay than entering a university.

Studying a Cert III in Carpentry will make you a qualified carpenter in Australia. Cert III is offered in places such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne. Being a vocational course, it will cost you considerably less than attending a university. The course is also included in the Medium to Long-term Strategic Skills List which makes anyone who completed it eligible for a graduate work visa.

Australia is a beautiful country that can give you a lot of opportunities in your chosen field. You can check out inspire education australia to help you get on your feet and start building a career using diploma courses.