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4 Benefits of MOOCs for High School Students

While MOOCs (massive online open courses) are generally perceived to be an education resource for university students and working professionals, school administrations around the world, and particularly in the US, are increasingly opening up to the possibility of instituting MOOCs in their curricula for middle and high school students.

As more and more school students explore this wonderful new source of learning, both teachers and parents are realizing the many advantages of MOOCs as a unique learning tool for their children.

Here are four reasons why your high schooler should be exposed to open online courses, where thousands of eager learners across the world come together to study on a common platform.

Preparation for Advanced Placement tests

High schoolers across the US and Canada are using MOOCs as a preparation ground for Advanced Placement (AP) exams that are held in May each year for admission into university.

While many schools provide AP classes to help students prepare for college admissions, these may not be sufficient or may not be available in a subject a student wants to pursue. In such cases, MOOCs help fill the gap and enable high-schoolers to gain AP college credit, thereby reducing the cost and even the duration of their college education.

Greater clarity on choice of college major

College education is expensive and admission-seekers need to make informed decisions when choosing a major. Even so, many young people begin their bachelor degrees unclear about the major they would like to pursue; consequently, a large number of students end up changing their major at least once.

Taking MOOCs while they’re still in school helps students gain deeper knowledge of a subject of their interest. Students can explore new subject areas free of cost (most MOOCs are free) and be better prepared to make education-related decisions.

Greater insight into one’s chosen college or univerAP classessity

By taking online open courses offered by their preferred institutions, high school students can get a feel of the teaching standards and methodology of the college right in the convenience of their homes. This can serve as an invaluable insight and help learners shortlist the colleges that seem like a good fit.

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Free, self-paced and flexible learning in a subject of personal interest

Not every high-schooler has clarity about the subjects they want to study in college. MOOCs help students learn more about a subject they may feel strongly about while in school. For instance, a student who’s interested in both astronomy and psychology can take MOOCs on both subjects and decide which one they should cultivate into a hobby and which one can possibly become a profession.

Moreover, seeing MOOCS on a college application is bound to form a positive impression on the admissions counselor, telling them that you’re a curious self-starter.