Agility: Is that too vital for your business?

The current day workplace culture is evolving continually. With the advent of new technology, flex-time, business expansion plans and the work environment is continuously seeking Fresh chances to grow.

Amidst so many things one thing that can considerbeing a great game changer is learning agility. It is an asset that would not be overlooked in this world of growth, expansion and productivity.    Apart from experience, in the recent times different other main performance qualities have turned out to be more relevant and popular. These encompass the right motivation and drive, mental insight, commitment, determinationand openness to fresh things. But that is not all again. There is one thing that is missing at some places and that is the will to learn and the pinch of agility.

 It is true that most of the organizations have little usage for employees having outdated knowledge and past performance is no assurance of future outcomes. It is something that applies to both working as well as investing. A person might attain great things in a specific job, and still be challenged with out-of-date knowledge in the immediate future that ultimately renders them obsolete.

Since organizations and businesses come to rely more on agile talent, their only path forward to successfully dealing with the future is by releasing their employees. Picking the right people then takes on colossal importance. It simply means concentrating on people who are hardy and adaptable, and who can swiftly learn in fully new circumstances.

Detail analysis about agility learning

This agility is a mental trait wherein a person is willing and in a position to learn from experiences and then apply that knowledge in conditions that are often unexpected and quite challenging. But you have to keep in mind that unlearning, or the capability to let go of familiar opinions and manners of working, is a main measurement of learning ability.

Individuals having high scores on this type of agility are going to learn quickly in unacquainted situations. Generally these individuals proactively ask for feedback, shine at discovering patterns inside the unfamiliar and actively seek out fresh challenges. It would not be wrong to say that this agility is the main predictor of future success in roles of leadership and management in the new unrestrained world.Once you have some employees in your organization or business who have this skill, they can take your business to great heights for sure. No matter what comes their way, they would take in with full preparation.

Why this agility is so crucial?

There are various reasons why this agility has turned out to be more important than ever before.    In the present day world, people are enforced to improve themselves if they wish to keep up.  It is no longer about what you used to know in the past, it is more about what you must know in the present time. You cannot simply be contented with your past deeds. You have to keep on working every day so as to grow and compete. No matter what your needs are or what you desire for; if you want to grow in your profession you have to keep enhancing your knowledge. The best knowledge of the past might not be enough for today. You have to keep on walking hand in hand with the changing trends and you can do that only by learning new things and staying open to intake all the new information.

Believe it or not globalization needs development and this agility. It is because the world is increasingly getting interconnected. More and more organizations are expanding their markets internationally, heading to more information and difficulty. Businesses are presently operating in a context with diverse cultures, interrelating with a wider variety of foreign languages and larger ranges of trade agreements and legislation. Cultural and international differences and the insinuations of these developments need training on the part of employees and managers.  Certainly, fast learners have a good chance of thrashing their competition. In other words: the speed of learning is well on its way to passing knowledge itself in the shape ofvitality.

In the present day recruitment process there are at least three manners to measure learning agility and these are like:

  • A specialized valuation that concentrates on this agility
  • A criterion-based interview that concentrates on this agility and ability to adapt of the candidates
  • Of course Serious gaming as well.

Similarly another way to assess this agility is to present candidates with fully new situations in a concentrated assessment to see how swiftly they learn to cope. Using similar online assessments is also a way.  There are plenty of tools out there that can help you to assess the agility of your candidates. It is always beneficial to have these tools on board to know about the affectivity and agility levels of your employees. What is the point if you get impressed by the experience, resume and qualification of the candidates and when you see them working in the office you find entirely a different picture? That would be really uncool right? You would not want to know that the candidates you have recruited are intelligent, experienced but not at all ready to adapt new situations or areas of learning.  No business can grow in the absence of change. There has to be change in life so as to grow and improvise. Your employees have to learn new things every week so as to deal with the changing trends in the most effective manner. It would be sufficient if you know if the candidate relishes change? Are they interested and curious in trying out fresh things? Individuals having high change agility incline to be passionate about fresh experiences and are eager to explore the unidentified.


Thus, keep all other things aside and try to find out this aspect in your business. If your employees or the candidates sitting in the recruitment procedure have good agility learning attributes; you can expect better outcomes and overall performance.