Life Before and During a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree

Your life and experiences when undertaking a Bachelor of Pharmacy can mark the best years of your life. While taking a pharmacy degree requires you to be prepared for lots of work and study time, there is so much value to gain. Do you have a passion for studying pharmacy? You can take a degree in B Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) at Manipal University.

There are numerous benefits of becoming a pharmacist. These include having a role that enables you to make an impact on the health of patients, the ability to work on a flexible schedule, not to mention above-average pay. Below are some of the life-changing skills and experiences of pharmacy school.

  1. Learn and make more friends through attending conferences

Joining relevant student groups and attending conferences is a sure way to gather all the knowledge that you need to while having fun at it. Making time for conferences is crucial as it enables you to create connections which are important for career development. You will be surprised that most experienced professionals love to mentor young students and help them launch their careers successfully.

  1. Time management and conquering procrastination

Being a pharmacy student requires lots of uninterrupted study time which means you learn to be a good time manager and to avoid procrastination. Developing a ‘Now Habit’ betters your social life because you will not be grappling with pending work when your friends are going out. If you love watching a movie or listening to music as a way to ‘take a break’ amid some important work, pharmacy school will help you change that. During such sessions, some people have made friends for life.

  1. Interpersonal and communication skills

As a practising pharmacist, you will be dealing with doctors on one side and patients on the other. These parties can be handy to deal with at times. Imagine a doctor who has made typos or their writings are illegible. You need the confidence and skill to approach them and seek clarification about the medication, which may bruise their ego. Interpersonal skills are crucial to building strong relationships even in your personal life. Even further, while undertaking a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, you learn how to be a clear communicator as you have to give instructions to patients who need a prescription.

  1. Attention to detail

In pharmacy, there is no room for mistakes because that would spell trouble for the patient.  While undertaking a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, you learn how to be accurate in your dealings because a life depends on it.

  1. The going gets easier as you go up

As you get to your third and final year of your Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, content becomes more relatable and exciting. The lecturers become fewer, especially in your last year when you are focusing on your research project. You could get a research thesis that requires you to travel, which is a bonus if you love to travel.

Pharmacy school may not be for the fainthearted, but the fruits are well worth it!