Personality tests: It is useful for small businesses to recruit staffs?

According to researches, around 46% of the new hires in the organization tend to fail within a span of 18 months. They may fail to achieve the desired results due to various reasons, mostly being attitudinal reasons like human interactions, personality traits, etc. more than cognitive abilities, like brain based skills such as language, problem solving, reasoning and logic. Therefore, the small entrepreneur would like to know what measures to be taken and tests conduct to hire the correct people for the positions created.

Might do – Will do – sure to fit

It is the responsible of the entrepreneurs and hiring managers to hire the correct people for the job. They also need to create a functional and well-knit team, who can perform together and help the business to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. If a wrong selection made, then it can prove to be real costly for the small business.

Useful approach to selecting candidates

Industry experts do share simple, but highly effective tips to enjoy quick and proper recruitment. It is described to be a stepped approach to select the right candidate for the job profile. It also focuses on technical ability first and then on motivational disposition or attitudinal behaviour. Finally, emphasis is placed upon cultural fit.

Identifying the right candidate

Following are the tips to identify the right candidate who can perform to the maximum, focus on the task in hand and get it done on time.

Personality analysis:

It is considered to be a wonderful tool that helps to make the recruitment process to seem simple, easy and quick. Bigger companies are found to rely upon this tool heavily.  Even smaller businesses can benefit from this tool by implementing it wisely and through customization. Personality analysis tool is also called popularly as psychometric testing. It has been designed for predicting behaviour of the employees at the workplace. This tool attempts towards predicting the working of the candidate, instead of bothering about if they possess the necessary technical skills or not for the job.

It will also show how the candidate works under extreme stress and pressure, their interaction with colleagues, seniors and peers. It also shows clearly, if they will fit into the team perfectly or not. In other words, these evaluation tools can be relied upon heavily by organization of all types and sizes to find the perfectly fitting candidate for the job. The end objective here is to improve overall productivity and improve retention.

Easy availability

Series of tests are available in the market today. These tests are generally developed by following rigorous process which in turn relies upon statistical analysis and academic research. Academics are likely to test a group and to identify correlations that exist between specific workplace behaviours and personality traits. It also will capture the very essence of such traits through wide variety of multiple choice questions. Questionnaires resulting from it could be processed automatically and hence, human interaction is not necessary for analysing of data.