The Economics of Attending University

Every fifth-year student has to take the SPM; depending on the level of expertise and attentiveness that you have displayed in school, the SPM can be either a routine test or it can be very stressful. For many, it is a stressful test that they feel doesn’t have much relevance to the real world. So much of school seems irrelevant to people’s actual jobs and actual concerns. The point of school is to provide you with a base of knowledge that you will take through the world. Also, it provides you with the blueprint for learning how to learn things. Being educable means that you can be taught new things; that’s a skill that you will need for the rest of your life. In more concrete terms, though, the SPM can help you get into university. University is notoriously expensive but there are ways to reduce the expense. One of the most common is through scholarships.

Scholarship for University

Scholarships for university are handed out for a few different reasons; they’re either given out for sports, for academics, or based on need. Typically, need-based scholarships are offered by external organisations and not the university itself. However, need-based scholarships are a great way for students who might not be able to otherwise afford it to attend university. In those cases, though, the need-based scholarship often still requires that a student display a high aptitude in school. The SPM is one of the most common ways that a university will assess a candidate’s capability. If you need money for school, you should apply for an SPM scholarship.

Levels of Funding

Academic scholarships and athletic scholarships tend to have different funding levels depending on the university as well as your own ability. Some SPM scholarships even cover 100% of tuition for those who have very good marks on the SPM. For those who did not do as well, scholarships can cover less funding. The same is true of athletic scholarships. Athletic scholarships tend to differ depending on the university and on the sport. Different universities have different emphases on different sports. If you are playing a prominent Malaysian sport at a high level, you can often have much of your tuition covered.

Scholarships are also often dependent on your ability to maintain your ability. If you are admitted on an academic scholarship, you often have to maintain a certain grade point average to maintain your scholarship. The penalties for missing your grade goals can differ from being placed on probation to having your scholarship revoked. There are different levels for each scholarship and each university.

The most important point is that university does not have to be financially out of reach. There are scholarships to help you pay; if you do not qualify for a scholarship or if the scholarship is not sufficient, you can also obtain a loan. Loans can take a very long time to pay back but the added earning potential of a university degree frequently makes them worthwhile. You should consider it.