The History Of Reading, And Paperback Novels

When paperbacks came into being in 1935, they created one of the biggest reading booms in the history of mankind. The feel and smell of a book, the crumple of its pages- are music to a bookworm. Even now, paperbacks are preferred by all readers.

E-reader vs Paperback novel

Even though e-readers were released in 1998, paperbacks never lost their popularity. They have, in fact, survived the test of time and have remained the preferred mode of reading for generations. Paperback sales have gone up since 2019, and with the pandemic, readers have become more involved in reading to while away the time spent in quarantine.

More important than the sensory perception and stimulation provided by the book is the affordability of novels. It led to the widespread propagation of knowledge to sections of society who were usually left behind in its pursuit.

The paperback revolution 

Following the first publication of the paperback novel by Penguin publishers in 1935, by the 1950s, a revolution was underway. The ease and low cost of paperback led to their widespread proliferation throughout the world. As a result, authors began to write on a variety of subjects, from literature to psychology.

In countries like those within Africa, where reading wasn’t as popular, paperbacks led to a huge rise in readers, who could now see the world with a lens made of paper and stained with ink. Reading was no longer for just the educated elite; it was a pleasurable past-time for both the young and old.

The importance of reading

The knowledge contained within books is one that outlasts the reader and can be passed on to others. Authors seek to share their view of the world with their readers, and reading differing viewpoints is beneficial in developing your mental faculties.

Reading is the singularly best way to attain knowledge in a way that it can be retained. The sensory perception of reading and turning the page stimulates the mind and senses. As a result, children and adults who read books retain the information within them for longer and recall them better.

The physical weight of a book in your hands will help you concentrate on the book rather than elsewhere. This can increase your concentration and attention-paying skills- which are necessary for students and working adults alike.

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