The Role Of Driving School To Become A Responsible Driver On The Road

Are you aware of the consequences of over speeding or not following the traffic rules in your state?  You might be able to deal with traffic citations, but still if you can just by taking driving lessons from the best Coventry instructors, then what is the harm in it.  Andy1st driving school is the place where you will find experienced instructors. Here is the guide why you need a best driving school with expert instructors.

Learn about traffic rules first

Traffic citations are issued for those acts that breach state or community laws. Motorists need to follow several and different traffic laws. There are different types of traffic citations which are explained as under. If you are living in UK and receive a Coventry  speeding ticket while you are in another state that the state is going to notify UK. The individual will not be given a traffic ticket from UK driving records   by the school attendance. Individuals can check the laws of their state to see if they respect the YK’s school laws.

Types of traffic citations

There are two types of traffic citations and that is major and minor. Minor citations include driving and parking violations. Minor citations are also not held under driver’s record, although individuals may detain violations that go unpaid. There are some acts which are prevalent like seat belt violations. Serious violations include reckless driving and leaving an accident. There are drunken driving violations.  Among all these violation the most common is speeding. In the state regulation, the limit of speed is defined in that particular area. Most states enforce a 65-mph as a maximum speed limit. Two different speed limit violations that are

  • fixed maximum
  • prima facie

 The fixed limit indicates that it is unlawful to go beyond the speed limit anywhere and anytime.  On the other hand the prima facie gives liberty to the drivers to justify speed so that they drive safe and lawful.

  • Running a stop sign or red light
  • Over speeding
  • Failure to provide another vehicle right lane and to follow the right of way.
  • Failure to drive in between two lanes and or within a specified lane.
  • Seat belt violations
  • When a stopping is required; running over pedestrian lane
  • Generally, all the violations are subjected to the traffic school sanctions.

With the Andy1st driving school you will be able to learn a lot about responsible driving.