What helps made dawood stood as brand mark of society?

Among many problems in society the dawood And his family helped the citizens of the Pakistan and the major situations he helped the people maximum is during earthquakes. Bashir dawood family helped a lot during the toughest times and also during earthquakes and many other parts of the condition of earth quakes . He helped the people by increasing the supply of the food and goods. They also provided clothing and they helped the needed with providing the need like food clothing. In the point of increased level of terrorism the Pakistan stood high and this indirectly suffered many innocent people. Even in that type of issues also dawood took initiative and helped people. The earth quakes occur ed not only in Pakistan but also in other places of country. The Pakistan condition become severe and severe and the people used to leave their own houses for their living and the Bashir dawood along with his family members took initiative and started to protect the people from many dangerous earthquakes and the name they kept for their service is Dawood foundation which helped millions of people who are home less,food less by collecting funds from the people. In the time of calamities due to natural attacks davood supported a lot by collecting funds from the people.

The funds are collected and they help in required things and they used to help needy. The foundation used to help and provide food and shelter for needy and they used to spend in difficult times and the main reason for running the foundation is to provide food and water and things to be played safe. Along with the present work they also worked in emergency time and provided them shelters.

Dawood always kept a main target in mind that every child should be educated as much as possible because he strongly believes once we are educated we can learn many things in life and keep them in practical way. The people all around find their work with no efforts and the same way the earth quake situation also handled. The foundation of dawood never steps back any time but they never hesitated to give work. As the main part of the society is in and around education they always helped the present work situations and they seemed to provide best for the people.

Dawood is so help full and kind hear ted person and one need to find all the possibilities of the foundation and they can work as much as. He also thought children must be educated and should find most possible ways. He never hesitated in any way while supporting the society even in the form of keeping money nor his effort.