Why Should You Join Campus Tours?

Located in Austin, Texas, the University of Texas has more than 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students. This is because of the university’s ability to provide top-notch education, not to mention unique tools of discovery.

At present, the university offers more than 170 fields of study throughout 13 different colleges. They are also known for their academic excellence and steadfast commitment to teaching, research, and evaluation.

See this first-hand when you opt for a University of Texas campus tour online at Campus Reel. Campus tours usually last around 45 minutes depending on the moderator, but an online University of Texas campus tour can take as long as 15 minutes.

An online campus tour will provide prospective students and family members to learn more about the facilities of the university. Here are other benefits of an online campus tour of the University of Texas.

  • It Can Help You Adjust To The Environment


Going to college is challenging as you will not only have to get used to living alone but also a foreign environment. Online campus tours provide you with a first-hand view of your potential college in the comfort of your home.

campus tour

Online tours are also interactive, allowing you to ask moderators questions about specific facilities to make it easier for you to find essential amenities. Ask about the average class size, campus food, and the setup of a typical dorm room.

Campus tours also let you explore the 17 libraries and seven museums of the University of Texas comprehensively.

You can also inquire about individual events and activities on campus. This enables you to find the right club or groups to get involved with campus activities. Presently, there are more than 1,300 student organizations in the university.

  • You Can Make Great Connections

Part of adjusting to college is making great connections with fellow students. An online campus tour will provide you an essential link with your counselor and tour guide, which can prove crucial down the road.

Many people maintain healthy relationships with school counselors at the University of Texas. As a result, these students are hired quickly by reputable firms in their respective industries.

In 2017 alone, 96 percent of graduates from the University of Texas and other educational institutions landed a job. Most of the applicants attributed their skills, educational degrees, and references as the reasons that helped them fill the spots.

  • It Provides You Background Before Sending Your Applications

The acceptance rate at the University of Texas is only 38.52 percent. In other words, roughly 61 out of 100 letters are rejected by the university every year.

This is because most incoming freshmen students fail to research more information about the institution. With campus tours, students can get an all-encyclopedic view of the school to refine your letter and increase your chances of getting accepted.

Campus tours also ensure that your letters are addressed to the specific individual, graduate program, or college department.

While there is no denying that campus tours will cost you upfront, a small investment today can save you money, time, and hassles tomorrow. Find out how the University of Texas can help you achieve your goals by opting for online tours from Campus Reel.